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Shenandoah Riverside Festival 2014 is here!!

Date: June13-15

Where:Brunswick Family Campground

100 S. Maple Ave Brunswick


EARLY-BIRD” Prices and Dates:

(Feb. 1 thru April 7)

* Weekend Pass = $45

“Regular Ticket” Prices and Dates:

(April 8 thru June 5)

* Weekend Pass = $55

*Saturday ONLY Pass = $35


Who: The Best Bluegrass/ Folk/ Rock/ Reggae/ Jazz/ World Music in

the land Featuring Artists; TBA

“This is Earth Korps Inc 5th annual

Fundraiser for pollution removal of

the Shenandoah River. Since May

2010 Earth Korps has removed and

recycled over 30 tons of

trash from our water systems with

the help of many volunteers and

the success of this great event”

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It's Time To Clean It Up


The Shenandoah is a unique river due to the fact that it flows south to north.  It is a tributary of the Potomac River, approximately 150 mi (241 km) long, in Virginia and West Virginia.  Nearly the full length (over 1400 miles of rivers and streams) of the Shenandoah River is listed as impaired (polluted) by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

The Shenandoah River has one of the lowest percentages of intact reparian forests and the greatest potential for restoration in Virginia. The primary water quality problems are nutrient and sediment contamination from agricultural uses, stream erosion, and flood plane encroachment. But don't count out physical pollution. Not only does everything revert back to its original form eventually, like that old car bumper that will corrode and put hard metals back into the water which are harmful for native species of animal life, but also physical pollution is an eyesore that reduces moral and leaves most with the idea that the river is too far gone and to just let it go. Also, the companies that make their living off of tourism on the river, such as local fisheries and outfitter will lose business if folks are afraid to get into the water to fish which will eventually just further the economic crisis.

In 2005, nearly 80 percent of the adult small mouth bass population was wiped out due to a large and threatening fish kill.  This was the third major strike in four years affecting rivers in the region. Since then, the Shenandoah River has experienced  a series of fish kills every spring that have affected several of its native fish species.  In the spring of 2005, redbreast sunfish and small mouth bass along 100-mile (160 km) stretch of the South Fork Shenandoah River began dying of lesions caused by bacteria and fungi.

In 2006 the Shenandoah River was named one of the ten most endangered rivers in the nation.  Basically there's a problem, not only in chemical pollution destroying the quality of the water, but also hugely in part by physical pollution. You may wonder what does trash do to the river. Well not only does it destroy the plant and animal natural habitat, but it also blocks spawning routes for upstream migratory fish and changes the way light reflects through water, making it harder for native species to defend themselves against predators. The river is absolutely, quite literally, littered with everything from tires, cans, and plastic, to shopping carts, lawnmowers, and vehicles. There needs to be a change. The river needs help, and that's where we come in.

Keep up with us on upcoming events and clean-ups around the Shenandoah Valley, and also coming to an area near you. So remember. Do your part, and we'll handle the rest.


Be Part Of The Solution, Not The Problem

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Earth Korps' Mission

Earth Korps is dedicated to the removal of pollution from the land, and water in order to preserve and beautify Earth's natural resources.

To encourage and expand awareness of issues affecting the environments natural state.

To educate and provide knowledge, supporting a better quality of life for future generations to come.


                                                      River Roster

Since our beginnings in May 2010 in our cleans and also helping our friends clean we have pulled a whopping 54,230 pounds of trash from the Shenandoah River!

 19,530 lbs of Recyclables, 704 Tires, 23,790 lbs of scrap metal, 1 Charcoal Grill, 10,530 lbs of trash, a change Machine, 4 Ovens, 2 Mattresses, 1 safe, 3 culverts, 2 cell phones, 28 (55) gallon drums, 1 wallet, 52 balls, 1 Antenna, 5 Refridgerators, 1 dish washer, 1 lawn mower, 3 tents, 33 flip flops, 3 washing machines, 2 oil tanks, 4 state cones, 1 peck deck machine, 1 car chassis, 1 air compressor, 2 canoes, 1 Golden Ganesha Statue, and much much more!